Shaping our future – new strategy

As we launch this new strategy, we do so with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and communities. We recognise that the need for accessible, equitable legal assistance is more crucial than ever, and it is with this understanding that we have crafted a strategy designed to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Our new strategy is not just a document, it is a commitment—a commitment to be more agile, more responsive, and more effective in our pursuit of justice.

We acknowledge that we can’t work across every issue and for everyone and that we are part of an ecosystem that responds to a range of community needs. In shaping this strategy, we have focused on building on our existing strengths and expertise, as well as identifying new opportunities for growth based on current and future legal need.

This strategy identifies three impact areas – safe justice, housing justice, economic justice – each guided by the commitment to challenge inequity and create systemic change.

One of the key pillars of our strategy is collaboration. We understand that the challenges our clients face are complex and multifaceted. Therefore, we will actively deepen and seek partnerships to amplify our impact. Together, we can create a network of support that transcends individual efforts, working collectively toward a fair, safe and inclusive community.

Heartfelt thanks to Richie Feder @ Ensemble Strategy and Anna Carlile @ Design by Nature for helping us develop and bring Our Strategy to life.

See the full strategy here

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