Our Strategy

In 2023, we launched Southside Justice – Our Strategy: The next five years. Our Strategy sets out how we will shape the next five years of Southside Justice.

Southside Justice exists to increase access to legal support for people in our community. We strive to promote fairness and advocate for social justice.

For 50 years we have worked with and alongside our community and partners to respond to legal need and to address inequity in the legal system. The next 50 will be no different, but the context we operate in will evolve and with it, we will to.

The next five years will be focused on actions that secure our organisation through our people, partners and funding; that demonstrate our value through our connection, evidence and ability to share our impact; and that helps us to thrive through community voice, scale and resilience.

This five-year strategy is not an end point but the foundations for the many years beyond.

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