Sex Worker Legal Program

Written by Jess Richter
April 4, 2023

In 2022 the Andrews Government decriminalised sex work with legal reforms coming into force over two stages from May 2022 and December 2023. The new laws mean sex workers can enjoy the same protections and recognition as any other workers, while also introducing new protections against discrimination. This means sex workers can access justice and the legal system as well as other community services without fear of incriminating themselves.

Mel Dye, CEO of Southside Justice, says:

“Sex workers are and will increasingly be coming forward to report experiences of unlawful discrimination and harm and seeking legal advice about their rights and options.”

“The purpose of the Sex Worker Legal Program is to help bring down those barriers to sex workers knowing and engaging with their legal rights as community members.”

Jess Richter, Manager of the Sex Worker Legal Program, believes the key to success is collaboration and applying co-design principles:

“We work collaboratively with community, including partnering with Vixen, Victoria’s peer sex work organisation, and community health services, to embed and model best practice in providing a responsive and affirming service for sex workers in Victoria.”

As part of their Community Partnership Scheme (CPS), Nous consulting is supporting Southside Justice in co-designing with Vixen to help shape the service.

More on the CPS at Nous:

Sex workers and the organisations that support them, can contact Southside justice for legal help on 03 7037 3200.

Southside Justice is keen to extend the reach and impact of the Sex Worker Legal Program and needs the help of donors and supporters.

You can donate here


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