Make a tax-deductible donation to progress social justice

This EOFY Southside Justice is raising funds to increase its reach and impact of our Sex Worker Legal Program.

Southside Justice has long advocated for the decriminalisation of sex work, and in 2022, established the Sex Worker Legal Program. We’re partnering with Vixen, Victoria’s peer sex worker organisation and working with other services that support sex workers.

Last year, the Victorian Government introduced a package of legal reforms to decriminalise sex work in Victoria. These changes recognise that sex work is legitimate work and aim to provide enhanced legal recognition and rights for sex workers.

The Sex Worker Legal Program strives to deliver an accessible, safe and inclusive state-wide service. We work with each person to identify and respond to their individual legal needs, including by seeking to address the ongoing harm caused by stigma and discrimination.

By donating to the Sex Worker Legal Program, you’re helping us increase access to legal help and promoting the human rights of all sex workers in Victoria.

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