Launch of our Gender Affirmative Policy

Written by Mel Dye & Hilary Knack
April 4, 2023

A key element of the Gender Affirmation Policy provides 20 days annual gender affirmation leave for staff. The policy also includes initiatives to enhance support, inclusion and participation of trans and gender diverse within our workforce.

Work is a major part of people’s lives and how we participate in our communities. However, many trans and gender diverse people have experienced discrimination and barriers to affirming their gender in the workplace. We recognise that affirming your gender is often a highly personal and sensitive process for trans and gender diverse people. This policy is one tool within our broader diversity and inclusion commitment that seeks to address these challenges.

The policy also encourages staff to complete a ‘gender affirmation plan’, provides education and supports to support colleagues as trans and gender diverse allies, and embeds mechanisms to enhance cultural safety and inclusion within our organisation.

The policy has been developed by our LGBTIQ Legal Program in consultation with trans and gender diverse staff, trans and gender diverse organisations and pro bono assistance from Maddocks. It is supported by the Southside Justice’s Guide about asking about gender, pronouns, sexuality & additional names. The guide is intended to support staff asking sensitive questions often related to LGBTIQ+ identities.

To request a copy of the Gender Affirmation Policy and/or the Guide about asking about gender, pronouns, sexuality & additional names, please email

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