Housing Justice – enhancing our engagement

Standing up for the right to safe, secure and affordable housing is at the heart of our housing justice impact area.

Our inner-city catchment has higher than state averages for people living in public and community housing, collectively referred to as social housing:

  • 23% public housing
  • 48% community housing

Given these statistics, it’s understandable that we’ve intensified our collaboration with organisations dedicated to supporting people living in public housing.

This year, we have run four information sessions for public housing residents about their rights as tenants and the support we can provide. We’ve heard from residents that they are concerned about high cases of black mould and long-term neglect of their buildings by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

We are working with our community and the legal assistance sector to respond to the 2023 Victorian Government announcement that the public housing towers will be demolished and are “no longer fit for modern living”.

We will continue to work with and advocate for our community living in South Yarra, Parhran, St Kilda and Windsor, ensuring their right and access to livable housing remains a priority and is protected.

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