Growing our impact

Moving into a new office has been a long-cherished dream of Southside Justice. Packing up our office in Chapel Street last year, we uncovered past annual reports. In 1984, we found this from the Chairperson:

Maybe one day in the not too distant future we’ll get our promised new premises, a photocopy machine and maybe even a dictating machine.

The relocation was made possible with the support of a social impact investor, the Just World Group. By definition, a social impact investment is one that intentionally aims to achieve social impact along with a financial return, while measuring the achievement of both.

Social impact investing expands the total pool of funds available for social purposes; it encourages innovative approaches to solving wicked problems; and recognises that challenges facing society are too large and complex to be solved by not-for-profit organisations, government and philanthropy alone.

Mel Dye, CEO of Southside Justice, explains “social impact investing is an emerging, outcomes-based approach that brings together not-for-profit organisations, governments, investors and communities to tackle a range of social issues.”

Dalit Kaplan, Director of Just World Group, shares “through our partnership with Southside Justice, we have come to appreciate that our core business, property investment, has the capacity to incorporate a strong element of community building and empowerment.  By ensuring that community legal centres such as Southside Justice, have a secure, welcoming, and affordable home, we believe that we are investing deeply in the community at large.”

Kaplan believes that “Southside Justice’s sense of security in the longevity of their tenancy means that the organisation can engage in big picture future planning, grow and solidify its ties to the community, and advocate for long term and deep reforms on behalf of all stakeholders. This benefits everyone: the lawyers and other staff members, clients, service providers and the community at large.”Dye

Dye hopes to see more partnerships between Community Legal Centres and Social Impact Investors in the future and also believes it’s a win-win situation for all!

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