Economic justice – integrating financial counselling

Aligned with our newly defined impact area of economic justice, we have recently welcomed a financial counsellor to our team – Sonja.

Sonja is a financial counsellor at the Good Shepherd Financial Independence Hub (Financial Independence Hub – Good Shepherd), which supports people who have experienced financial abuse.

This addition to the Southside Justice team underscores our commitment to addressing systemic inequalities and helping people navigate financial challenges effectively. With Sonja on board, we aim to provide holistic support to those facing economic hardships, fostering resilience and empowerment within our community.

We’ve already witnessed first-hand Sonja’s ability to advocate for financial literacy for clients and promote equitable access to economic options and opportunities. We look forward to deepening this partnership and sharing the impact for clients in future editions.

We’re pleased to join the growing number of Community Legal Centres integrating financial counsellors into their service. The rewards (and challenges) of which are covered in a practical and insightful paper (2acbaf_0b9bab06ce6d43a9a6c6b2f562dcdf2e.pdf ( written by Carolyn Bond and Denis Nelthorpe.

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