Media Release: A new state wide LGBTIQ+ Legal Service for the Pride Centre

Southside Justice acknowledges the announcement today by the Andrews’ Government of a new LGBTIQ+ legal service opening at the Pride Centre.

Fitzroy Legal Service, in partnership with Queerspace, has received funding to establish and operate a new specialist legal service for two years.

Southside Justice has worked closely with the LGBTIQ+ community for many years. In 2018 Southside Justice established the first state wide LGBTIQ Legal Service in partnership with Thorne Harbour Health. In 2019 the LGBTIQ Legal Service was awarded the community organisation of the year by the Law Institute of Victoria, for its commitment to delivering legal services to LGBTIQ+ Victorians.

Southside Justice’s LGBTIQ Legal Program targets LGBTIQ+ Victorians who have experienced harassment, violence, or discrimination on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity. Southside Justice will continue to deliver the LGBTIQ Legal Program until June 2023.

Mel Dye, Southside Justice CEO, says:

“We commend the Andrews Government’s continued support of LGBTIQ+ Victorians. LGBTIQ+ Victorians experience unique barriers to accessing the legal system, which often relate to the ongoing experiences of discrimination and prejudice that LGBTIQ+ people experience.”

“Southside Justice is extremely proud to have contributed to the development of LGBTIQ+ legal services in Victoria. Since 2018 we have provided legal assistance to nearly 700 LGBTIQ+ Victorians and trained over 800 legal and community professionals on LGBTIQ+ experiences accessing the legal system. This work has significantly contributed to the understanding of LGBTIQ+ legal needs.

In relation to the new legal service, Mel Dye affirms:

“We look forward to working closely with Fitzroy Legal Service, and continuing to support the development of safe and inclusive legal services for the LGBTIQ+ community in Victoria.”

The new legal service is one of the commitments outlined in the Victorian Government’s Pride in Our Future: Victoria’s LGBTIQ+ Strategy 2022 – 2032. This is Victoria’s first whole-of-government LGBTIQ+ strategy, to outline the vision and plan to drive equality and inclusion for Victoria’s diverse LGBTIQ+ communities within all aspects of government work over the next decade.


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